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Greasebusters prides it's self on it's kitchen cleaning service as we have a  100%  customer satisfaction rate and many contracts, this may be because we have the knowledge, equipment and experience to provide you with the best possible results for a diverse range of commercial kitchens. We have techniques that other kitchen cleaning companies don't use therefore not getting the best possible clean. Also all of Greasebusters staff are BOCCA Trained and fully compliant with B&ES TR19 standards for kitchen extraction cleaning to comply with insurance requirements. We use the most modern and effective techniques for all aspects of kitchen cleaning including access panels in the duct work to ensure all grease is removed, D.G tank, and only the best chemicals and equipment, we also regularly re train staff to make sure that the best possible work is been carried out. After every kitchen clean you will receive a TR19 cleaning certificate.

We can't stress enough how paramount it is to regularly get you're commercial kitchen deep cleaned, it is part of cleaning standards law that your kitchen hygiene levels are in line with the kitchen hygiene regulations. Greasebusters fully understands this and has many years of experience is getting your commercial kitchen up to the highest kitchen hygiene regulations level. We will ensure a full deep clean, everything is functioning properly, and reduce fire risks.

We clean all items such as -

  • Duct Pipe
  • Ventilation System
  • Canopy Filters
  • Extractor Fan 
  • oven's
  • Ceilings
  • walls
  • Tiles
  • Light Fixtures
  • Hotplates
  • Tables
  • Microwaves
  • Floors
  • Fryers

Why it is so important? you need a regular kitchen clean not only to be in line with kitchen hygiene regulations but to also reduce the risk of unwanted pets such as mice and rats regular cleans also decrease the risk of food poisoning by harmful bacteria, and essentially FIRE caused by a build up of grease in the extraction system. Yes if not cleaned properly or regularly kitchens are extremely prone to fires because if left the ventilation system will become clogged by grease and over heat, your kitchen will also be unbearably hot and become not an ideal workspace as harmful grease and bacterial partials will be circulating in the air leading to staff absences due to illness, food poisoning, unfit work environment and the possibility of FIRE and closure. But not to worry as Greasebusters offers great contracts for affordable prices and will save you money as we clean all items and equipment to such a high standard your whole extraction system will last longer and be more effective.

Canopy Filter Cleaning- Canopy filters collect all the small particles of grease, steam and food particles from the air it reduces negative effects such as smoke, heat, dangerous particles, yellowing of walls, the attraction of rats, mice, flies and bad smells. Once you get a build up of grease in the canopy filters it will reduce there productivity and will heighten the risk of breaking in turn costing you unnecessary money as this can be avoided by regular cleaning.  Greasebusters will have your filters working and sparkling with our top of the range chemicals and techniques, we use a D.G tank and boiling water, the mix of boiling water and chemical removes all grease and carbon leaving them looking like new!

Duct Cleaning- Your ducting is an important part to your kitchen extraction system, this is because the air from the extractor fan will make it's way through the duct pipe, therefore if not clean the airflow will reduce leading to a build up of grease in the duct pipe, We will clean the ducting as best we can by adding access doors into the duct work to ensure a fully effective clean that will leave your duct pipe working to its full potential.

Extractor Fan Cleaning- The extraction system is extremely important as it extracts all the steam, smoke, grease particles, food particles, heat and carbon monoxide from the surrounding area, carbon monoxide is a highly poisons and dangerous gas that is odourless, tasteless and colourless therefore it's essential that the extractor fan is working to it's full potential, also if the fan does not work properly not only are you risking illness but the working environment will be unbearably hot leading to complains and potentially been unable to work (business closure). Furthermore if the build up of grease is left your risking the likelihood of a fire! this is because that build up will cause the extractor fan to burn out in turn causing a fire. We take the effectiveness and cleanliness of the extractor fan serious and use only the best chemicals and techniques to get the extractor fan working to it's full potential, we take the extractor fan away from the duct work and use a heavy duty degreaser to ensure all grease is removed, when we are happy with the result we will put the extractor fan back and make sure it is working like new!

Commercial Oven Cleaning- Greasebusters also provides a deep oven cleaning service we know all of the best chemicals, tools and techniques to use to get your oven working to it's fullest potential! This is important as grease and carbon build up can effect to productivity of your oven leading to bad smells, increase cooking times because of the heat having to pass through the extra levels of dirt and grease leading to uncooked food, smoke, unsavoury tasting food as carbon particles can change the flavour of the food and baked goods tasting scorched and smoky. Commercial oven's are extremely difficult to fully clean, you can't beat a professional valeting!   

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Frequency of Cleaning

  • Light usage - 2-6 hours per day is 12 monthly
  • Medium usage - 6-12 hours per day is 6 monthly
  • Heavy usage - 12-16 hours per day is 3 monthly

We can promise to inform you when your next clean is due so you don't have to worry and to ensure you are always in line with health and safety standards.